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Christmas Holidays 2021

TEDA will be closed for Christmas holidays from 27/12/2021 to 07/01/2022. Please address your urgent inquiries to: info@teda.it


TEDA S.r.l. is a highly skilled company specialized in the production of clamping systems on press brakes. We have been working in the field of machines for sheet metal processing since 1989. Our long experience allowed the creation of new concept products, reaching the highest standard in terms of safety and easy of use.

Thanks to our planning ability we can provide advice and solutions to the different requirements of our customers.

We work with the most important press brake manufacturers all over Europe.

Quality, innovation, safety and customer satisfaction are our main vision that we always hold in hand when running the company.


Flexibility is our keyword: our streamlined organization based on a small team of skilled technicians together with a network of reliable local suppliers selected over the years allows adapting to market fluctuations.
The location within the PIACENZA manufacturing hub, a quality benchmark for Italy and Europe, allows the access to the highest level of specialized suppliers in sheet metal processing field.


Passion for quality is our hallmark.
Research & development of quality solutions for our customers is our focus.
Innovation, safety, handiness & ergonomic: these are the key strength of our technological solutions. 


Our main target has always been the press brake manufacturer. Despite the first diffidence due to the innovative use of compressed air, our idea to promote the clamping among the end users soon paid off. Within a few years in fact the requests for press brakes equipped with our clamping systems took off and manufacturers couldn’t help adapting to customer’s demand. Nowadays we are proud to be the leader in clamping systems production.

TEDA internationalization is now a fact: our products are easily available all over Europe, and our next goal is new overseas markets.

TEDA S.r.l.

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