Compact press brakes

SPEEDY is the family of compact press brakes, both manual and automatic, suitable for bending and manufacturing small pieces.

Extremely fast bending cycle thanks to the elimination of all slowdown and speed change times which allows for exceptional productivity.

Its small size makes it possible to eliminate the lateral protections because the entire length of the machine is constantly within the operator's view.

No lateral obstacles: freedom of extraction and handling of even the most complex pieces.

The innovative shape of the ram allows the execution of U profiles without depth limits.

SPEEDY is so compact that it does not require any foundation: structural rigidity guaranteed and bending reduced to a minimum and can be equipped with various options.



  • How many are  the versions of compact press brake SPEEDY?

There are 4 different versions, 2 automatic & 2 manual ones:

    • Speedy Compact Touch (SCT) 16.5 & 18.8 CNC equipped with STEP AUTOMATION SA12 Numerical Control (X, Y)
    • Speedy Compact Manual (SCM) 16.5 & 18.8


  • Why 550mm wide?

Following the specifications of the European Norm EN614 a machine is considered safe, therefore without need of any protection, if it is up to 550mm wide. Thanks to the reduced dimensions the machinery is constantly under the operator supervision, who can therefore immediately realize if anyone gets within the machine danger area and take the proper actions.

The lack of lateral impediments takes to huge advantage for small pieces, which can be bent using small strokes and eventually laterally lifted

  •  Why are lateral protections for models SCT 16.5cnc and SCM 16.5 not needed?

The purpose of lateral protections is to prevent that people other than the operator get within the machine danger area, without realizing it. As explained above, with SPEEDY COMPACT this danger is prevented: in fact, the whole bending length is constantly under operator's supervision. Hence no protection, only advantages.

  • Why 10mm per second?

10mm/sec. is stated in the UNI EN 12622 European Norm “Safety of machine tools - Hydraulic press brakes”. Together with a 3-position push pedal it is considered highly safe, therefore there is no need to equip the machinery with any kind of safety devices.

This is the winning idea of Speedy Compact: the combination of both 10mm/sec. speed and lack of lateral protection allows the use of the machine in the best possible way: to bend small pieces strokes can be short, in this way the reduced speed is not an issue. Besides without lateral protections bent parts can be laterally removed: there is no need to open completely the machine to lift them out.

  •  Which advantages compared to traditional press brakes?

The main advantage is to have a range of compact press brakes studied to bend small pieces: the operator will work in complete safety and ergonomic with consequent productivity increase.

Energy saving is an important issue: why using big motors with big consumptions when bending small pieces?

The upper part of our machines does not present encumbrances; ram is sloped to allow the production of really narrow U bending with big edges.

Furthermore, the machine structure is compact and doesn’t need foundations or levelling operations: just place it on the floor, connect it to the main line and that’s it!

  •  Why such high strokes and openings?

Speedy Compact machines were designed as accessories to traditional bending lines, for this reason they must be able to meet any requirement.

A wide distance between table and ram and high strokes make these machines particularly flexible and ready to satisfy any kind of fitting request.

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