Speedy Compact Touch SCT 18.8

EASY TO USE: 2-axis numerical Control STEP AUTOMATION SA12 to control following axes:

  • Y Axis cylinder stroke with bending angle settings in degrees
  • X Axis back gauge with removable fingers equipped with vernier
  • R Axis (vertical movement) manually controlled

FAST: Extremely fast bending cycle thanks to the elimination of all the deceleration times, speed changes, etc.. High time saving during the bending cycle resulting in great productivity.

FLEXIBLE: It is possible to get the bending angle in two different ways:

  • By CN (angle automatic calculation)
  • By AUTOTEACHING: ability of the CN to store the bending angle manually found 

SAFE: Its small dimension allows to remove the lateral protection:  the whole press brake length is constantly within the operator visual field.

EFFICIENT: No lateral obstacle: even the most complicated piece can be easily handled and slided out laterally.

UNIQUE: The innovative shape of the ram allows to manufacture U-profiles without depth limitation.

COMPACT: It is so solid that it does not need foundations. Structural stiffness guaranteed and deflection reduced to the minimum.

COMPLETE: SCT 18.8 can be equipped with different option such as:

  • sheet sliding support with rail, ideal for small parts and as reference while bending.
  • Tool quick change system for punch and die. Different solutions are available based on customer's need.
  • "PIEFFE" system: 2-position "ON/OFF" pneumatic cilynder driven by numerical control to allow the automatic movement of the R axis


Maximum working force: kN 180
Gap between uprights: 650mm
Gap between uprights and bending axis:  200mm
Maximum length: 835mm
Distance between table and ram: 360mm
Maximum stroke: 170mm
Maximum rising speed: 10mm/sec
Maximum work speed: 10mm/sec
Maximum lowering speed: 100mm/sec
X Axis (useful stroke): 400mm
R Axis (useful stroke): 120mm
Net mass 1.480 kg

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