Speedy Compact - SCM 16.5

Speedy Compact - SCM 16.5 cnc
Speedy Compact - SCM 16.5 cnc
Fore support sliding on rail
Fore support sliding on rail


2-Manual axis:

  • Y Axis cylinder stroke with position numerical reader
  • X Axis back gauge horizontal movement, with position numerical reader
  • R Axis (vertical movement) manually controlled


Extremely fast bending cycle thanks to the elimination of all the deceleration times, speed changes, etc.. High time saving during the bending cycle resulting in great productivity.


Its small dimension allows to remove any lateral protection:  the whole press brake width is constantly within the operator visual field.


No lateral obstacle: even the most complicated piece can be easily handled and slided out laterally.


The innovative ram shape allows to manufacture U-profiles without depth limitation.


Its solid structure does not need foundations.
Structural stiffness guaranteed. Deflection reduced to the minimum.


SCM 16.5  can be equipped with different option such as:

  • sheet sliding support with rail, ideal for small parts and as reference while bending.
  • Tool quick change system for punch and die. Different solutions are available depending on customer's need.


  • Maximum working force: kN 160
  • Gap between uprights: mm 400
  • Gap between uprights and bending axis: mm 200
  • Maximum length: mm 550
  • Distance between table and ram: mm 360
  • Max. stroke: mm 170
  • Max. rising speed: mm/s 10
  • Max. work speed: mm/s 10
  • Max. lowering speed: mm/s 100
  • Axis X (useful stroke): mm 400
  • Manual R Axis (useful stroke): mm 120
  • Net mass: Kg 1150

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