Speed Grip range


Since 1996, when TEDA introduced on the market the first pneumatic quick tool change system, the evolution of this accessory, vital for the press brake productivity, never stopped.

Starting from a clamping system characterized by frontal loading and the need to modify the tool junction tag (model 13101), TEDA moved on to a clamping system with standard tool and lateral loading (model 12131). Two are the main reasons for this system:

  • to give the customer the possibility to make the most of the tools in his workshop
  • if new tools are needed, the standard ones are less expensive and easily available.

The clamping system with lateral loading guarantees saving of time and effort, but certainly not as much as the frontal one does. Despite this new system the innovation was not complete and Teda kept studying and researching.

With the new SPEED GRIP range we found the squaring of the circle: vertical loading, standard tools no modification necessary, dimensions reduced to a minimum, possibility to install the tool on the back of the clamping unit, automatic tool lifting and clamping, tool self alignment, safe and steady clamping even of the smaller sectioned tool, possibility to clamp standard tool with wide tolerances on the tool junction tag, no connection pipes between clamping units (with the STAR version).

Compared to a traditional manual clamping system, with SPEED GRIP you'll save 80% of the changing time and as you well know… time is money!

SPEED GRIP a top quality product, currently the best option you can find on the market, 100% made in Italy, created by the huge experience of our engineers, used by several press brake manufacturers.

SPEED GRIP is available in 3 pneumatic and 2 manual models:

  • 13131-FLEX – air transmission by flexible plastic pipes located in protected areas
  • 13131 – air transmission by telescopic manifold
  • 13131-STAR – air transmission using the innovative STAR SYSTEM (TEDA patent).
  • 13131-M manual
  • 13131-SM SPEED TOUCH bracket only


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