Speed Grip - star


Star System represents the highest evolution of TEDA clamping.

The system consists of two parts: the upper STAR bracket fixed on the press brake, and the Star Clamping unit. Air runs exclusively through the upper brackets (Star System) in this way each intermediate (Star Clamping) is indipendent, allowing the operator to equip the machine to suit any productive requirement.

In fact one or more intermediates can be removed either from the middle of the machine or from its sides. It is possibile to

  • leave a free area to get more space and work with boxes or similar products;
  • insert a longer tool or any other equipment in place of the removed intermediate.

In this way possibilities for the operator are limitless: the press brake can be the centre of simultaneous working stations with set-up times reduced to the minimum.

Key feature of this system is the ability of the upper bracket to detect if the part underneath is a Star Clamping unit, and work accordingly. 

RETROFITTING: to retrofit a press brake with TEDA Star System the modification of the existing machine is not necessary.

Just replace the existing upper brackets and intermediate with the new Star brackets Star Clamping units, which are available in several configurations to meet all the specific customer's needs.

Machine standstill is limited to few hours, generally less than half a day. The system is completed by the installation of a control unit complete with push buttons and safety devices, in accordance with the Machines-Norm currently in force.

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